Our Story


July 2012 ... a wind of renewal blows at the Madrigal!

The adventure begins again with Mrs. Sylvie Bédard and Mr. Alain Simard in the direction of a whole new team and this as always, for your better being, since. . .


The beginnings of Madrigal:

In the early sixties a few houses were moved to the construction of Highway 10, one of which was relocated a few meters away. She was subsequently, in turn, the home of the Beauregard and Racine families. The latter ceded it to be transformed into a restaurant specializing in fondue.


After a few attempts. . .

The first adventure began on December 23, 1993 ... When Claude and Jeanne Massé moved with their two daughters to a small Canadian house transformed into a restaurant, to which M. Massé brought his personal touch: beautiful woodwork . Then came the discovery of the name perfectly representing the spirit of the company "Le Madrigal": Poem sung or recited in the Middle Ages by troubadours and minstrels, to express gentleness, gallantry and kindness.


Created on February 24, 1994 of the ... Restaurant Le Madrigal

Proud of a culinary experience acquired in his youth: with a father and a mother working both in the field of catering, Mr. Massé immediately takes over the direction of the kitchen, while Mrs. Massé works in the dining room To eat like twenty years ago. From the passion engendered by a constant relationship with their customers arises the desire to offer more by allowing an old dream to assert itself. . .


Thus was born on June 4, 2001 ... Auberge Le Madrigal

From then on, in addition to the restoration, Claude and Jeanne Massé offered to their clientele: the tranquility of their twelve spacious bedrooms, a larger dining room and a back terrace in the woods. There is a bar and a massage room in 2002.


The dream is precise on May 22, 2004 by ... Auberge-Spa Le Madrigal

To further develop the health aspect of the Inn a six-seater outdoor spa is set in the undergrowth. Then comes the addition of five other treatment rooms dedicated to body wraps, pressotherapy, balneotherapy and massages, with a sauna and a rest area. In addition to offering all the services that one can find in a large hotel, Le Madrigal has retained its human character, which makes it a place where serenity reigns.


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